Maaya cocktail bar internal header
Maaya cocktail bar internal header

About Us

The whole new concept of Tapas Bar that has developed for our local as well as national and international guests visiting beautiful city of Bath , with a view to providing great food, drinks, hospitality and unique ambiance. Maaya offers a unique experience of the Asian approach to tapas style eating and drinking.

We are not a formal Restaurant as the name suggests, with all activity including ordering, directed through the bar. So, enjoy a drink or two and feel the unique Asian tapas bar experience!

A glance of the tapas menu will indicate our aim in producing a fusion of Asian flavour in our cuisine. It might appear as an unusual union between vibrant Indian and South East Asian inspired “tapas bar” to relish the cultural appetite, it will surprisingly appropriate to indulge in the unique tapas along with selection of drinks on offer. 

We use top quality local and imported produce and freshest ingredients, to ensure you receive the best taste!

mixing a cocktail