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Our Bar

Maaya is our stylish casual bar offering Asian tapas menu unique in Bath.

The menu consists of artfully composed small plates of Asian comfort food and very popular street food, elevated by technique but primal in appeal. 

We also offer the best selection of fresh, healthy and delicious cuisine—dishes that will awaken your taste buds, comfort you and put a smile on your face.

We believe in giving our customers a big serving of the feel good factor with everything we do. Whether you are dropping by for meeting good friends for lunch or arranging a special dinner, we will give you the warmest welcome and plenty of choice.

Our innovative menus have something for everyone, including vegans, vegetarians and those following a gluten free lifestyle.

asian indian tapas

An Indian-Chinese style noodles made with unleavened refined wheat flour tossed in Asian sauces with choice of Vegetables, Chicken or King Prawns as you like.

Authentic Homemade Thai style green curry with a choice of Vegetables, Chicken or King Prawns as you like. Served with finest Basmati rice

Homemade Chickpeas prepared in ground Indian spices. Served with finest Basmati Rice. One of the tastiest curries out there for vegetarians! A Soul food!

Chicken in a thick onion-tomato masala and melange of Indian spices. Served with finest basmati rice.

Homemade Chickpeas prepared in ground Indian spices. Served

Chef’s Special – Tender Duck cooked in an Indonesian
style medium spicy and lightly sweet flavoured
sauce. Served with finest basmati rice..

Chef’s Special – Mixed seafood curry cooked in
coconut based mild spiced gravy.

Served with finest basmati rice

Vegetarian tapas

An Indian appetiser perfectly spiced and crispy
made with spinach, onion and spices. These
delights are perfect with any type of drink hot or
cold and at any time of the day!

Fries topped with spicy, sweet and tangy sauce. Eat
this using your fingers. A perfect accompaniment with
chilled beer. Not keen on sauces then try our Spicy
Masala Fries instead. You will not be disappointed!

Popular traditional fast food and street food from
the Indian subcontinent – North India, served with
chickpeas and spiced up with chutneys bursting
with salty, sweet and tangy flavours to cheer you
up at any time of the day.

Fries topped with spicy, sweet and tangy sauce. Eat
this using your fingers. A perfect accompaniment with

Fried pastry with a savoury filling of spiced
potatoes,onions and peas dressed up with
chickpeas, crisp gram threads and various Indian
style tempting spiced sweet & sour dressings.

A popular Indo-Chinese dish where cubes of fried
crispy paneer tossed in a spicy sauce made with
combination of Chinese sauces with spicy sweet
flavours! Recommended with a White wine, Red
Wine or a cocktail of your choice.

Crunchy cauliflower florets stir-fried in Schezwan
style sauce perfect with flavours. One of those
very popular Indo Chinese style veggie dishes and
substantial as a small plate

South Asian dish comes from the family of meatballs
however; this one is with minced vegetables and hint
of jackfruit with just right amount of mixture of spices
to make it super flavourful.

Seafood tapas

Squid flavoured with East Asian spices, chilli and
garlic. Perfect small plate

A popular Sri Lankan prawn recipe for all you spicy
seafood lovers. King Prawns coated and cooked in
very hot sauce. You do not have to get your hands
messy as we have taken the shells off for you!
Enjoy this King Prawn dish.

Vietnamese fish recipe – crispy fried fish tossed
with a sweet-sour-spicy sauce garnished with
cilantro. Its total Asian comfort food and perfect
with glass of white wine on any day

This recipe is as tender and crispy as you can
imagine. Flavoured with chilli, garlic and Garam
masala. Just right with any dry White wine.

Meat tapas

Battered Fried Crispy Spicy Chicken Wings tossed
in hot chilli sauce with peppers and onions.

This recipe is as tender and crispy as you can

Delicious fried Chicken tossed in Manchurian style
sauce. An Indo Chinese dish, which is very popular
in Indian Subcontinent

Marinated tender pieces of Lamb in aromatic
eastern Asian spices coated and tossed in mild
spicy East Asian sauce.

Succulent finest Pork meatballs served with
homemade tomato salsa sauce.

Fish may contain small bones. Some of our dishes may contain or have been in contact with nuts, please let our staff know of any allergies or dietary requirements. 100% Gluten free cannot be guaranteed. We can not guarantee non cross contamination of dishes. For allergy and intolerance information, please refer to our allergens sheet.

If you have any additional enquiries, please speak to a manager. Prices include VAT at the prevailing rate. Discretionary 10% service charge is added to the bill.